CBD Freeze | Topical CBD | 1500 Mg


KKBY Farms CBD Freeze is the perfect solution for onthespot skin soothing effect. This cold therapy gel is infused with CBD and combines Menthol, Arnica, Tea Tree Oil, and Aloe Vera for a refreshing and cooling effect.
Comparable to Biofreeze or Icy Hot, this product is for anyone who wants to soothe their muscles with a cooling sensation. The roll-on application makes it easy to massage the gel into the muscle. The CBD in the gel provides relief while the cooling sensation numbs the uncomfortable feeling.
Apply KKBY Farms’ CBD Freeze Roll-On to your muscles and enjoy an icy-hot sensation while the CBD works to reduce inflammation.
The roll-on while applying the CBD Freeze Gel makes it the perfect choice for the back, neck, shoulder, and hips.

Roll-On Application

This unique product comes in a roll-on applicator, making it easy to apply while also allowing you to massage the affected area. Roll-On application allows you to massage muscle while applying the CBD Freeze Gel.

**Standard Disclaimer: CBD is not FDA-approved. We make no such claims that using our products will guarantee relief. Moreover, research regarding CBD is still ongoing and in the early stages.**


The CBD Freeze Gel contains full spectrum CBD oil, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Menthol, and other ingredients that work together to provide a soothing relief.
CBD Freeze can be used on both chronic and acute discomfort, making it a versatile product for many different needs. If you’re looking for a topical CBD product that can help you manage discomfort, CBD Freeze by KKBY Farms is a great option!
This product is a topical cooling gel infused with CBD that provides a cooling sensation while delivering the benefits of CBD.
Although this product is a popular option for the extremities, we particularly recommend this product for the shoulder, neck, back, and hips.


CBD Isolate, Aloe Vera, Arnica, Menthol, Tea Tree Oil, Hex Paraguariensis Leaf Extract, Carbomer, Isopropyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Camphor, Aqua, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate, and Triethanolamine.


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